Ainsley Earhardt: Attractive Airhead

I watch a lot of Fox News. It’s not because they’re good. It’s because they put on anchorwomen that look like porn stars. Hmm, that might have sounded a bit direct, but it’s also evident in reporters like Ainsley Earhardt. That’s the biggest reason why anyone else watches those crappy shows.

AE is a perfect example of the how the mechanics of Fox News function. Let’s face it, the woman is an Airhead…white mystery flavor. As a broadcaster she’s made some of the single shallowest low blows possible. Her coverage of Barack Obama’s connections between Bill Ayers (Weather Underground) and Louis Farrakhan (Nation of Islam) was downright silly, and the times as a guest host on the early morning show “Fox and Friends,” are good for a mute button. What's that song...."You needn't do much just sit there and flirt?"

However, she does look forkable. I mean, it's worth noting she has attractive features, more than attractive really. She's like Monica Lewinsky, except not a chunky brunette. I also noticed that people seem to going crazy for pics of “Ainsley Earhardt Legs” on Google. Right after that, the suggestion is “Ainsley Earhardt Feet.” What is this stupid obsession some people have with feet?Is there a real need to see someone’s feet? What does that possibly do for you? Anyway, since it was a suggestion I decided to google “Ainsley Earhardt Feet” to see what people were so crazy about, and the first image that came up was a man shoving a banana into someone’s butt!


Also, if you were an AIRHEAD, which flavor would you be?

PS: Naughty Librarian Sweater for Christmas...


  1. she has a nice body but I wouldn't touch it (the face!!!)

    p.s. WELL SAID about feet.

  2. Really? the face?

    what if she was wearing a bondage mask?

  3. standards are more like barriers! LOWER THEM!

  4. Clearly your an Obama lovin socialist. How are direct conections with terrorist's (Bill Ayers) and racist radicals (Farrakhan) silly? It's not silly it's dangerous on several different levels. He is the president and does not believe in the constitution, he has made that abundantly clear in the past couple weeks. My real point is Ainsley is awesome and you suck balls.

    1. You posted anonymously, so I can't see your identity. If you're a woman, I'll fuck you.

  5. this person wishes he sucked balls ^ (clearly, obama's). COME AT ME BRO


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