Melissa Lee: My Hot Business Toddy

Bonjour world of people full of green lust.

So I watch the business channel CNBC a lot now. It is not because I am interested in business in the slightest. It is simply because I think Melissa Lee from “Squawk on the Street,” and “Fast Money” is hot.

End of discussion.
Personally, I do not like the show “Fast Money” at all.
I never understand any of the jokes they make. I don’t really know if the Dow will hit 20,000 in 2012. I am not interested in QE3, and I have no idea which stock will be the next “Green Mountain Coffee Roasters” or “LinkedIn IPO."

But I did learn that Melissa Lee is hot.

De plus, while I was googling images of her for reasons that are obvious, but I cannot say in public, I happened to notice that the top suggestion from Google was

Melissa Lee Boots
Yes indeed.
I mean, she looks good in boots, as long as never takes them off for any reason.

Now if only there was a picture of Melissa Lee….wearing boots…in a sexually active red tint.

Oh, wait!

Sexually Active Red!

But how do you hit on a business journalist?
“If you Squawk on my Street, I’ll Squawk your Box.”
“When the market goes down, you should go down….”
“If the Euro jumps ahead, you can jump my….”

Serious QATFYG:
Does Q at the end of the stock symbol mean Bankrupt?


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