Spotlight/Shoutout: Alexander Skarsgard

as some know, I am a big fan of the show "True Blood," and that is partly to Alexander Skarsgard. His name name is supposed to have a little circle above one of the letters, but he needs to drop that now that his in America.

Skarsgard really adds a lot to the show, and after all he is SWEDISH.

Now, enjoy this stamp of Swedish Ants.

QATFYG: How many ants do you really think there are in Sweden?
I will tell you next Wed.


  1. Pro-tip: All the ants in Europe are imported.

  2. @Awm
    HA! trick questions. there is a hidden ant underground.

    another qatfyg: why is there a pile of wishbones in the corner?

  3. It's like the ant version of Heart of Darkness.

  4. Alex is hot.
    And swedish ants in sweden, like a zillion. Check the forests. ugh

    /Jessica. The actual swede (y)


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