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The Best of The Useless Critic...So Far

The Useless Critic's best entries to date are showcased here, featuring Britt Kemp, Nader Boulberhane, AWM, Ursula Wheeler, Cara Suppa, Kurt Heinrich and Jessica Simmons. It's a very eclectic blend, to be sure, and an entertaining (if not engaging) read. The blog, a pop culture entity with its own very unique voice, formed in 2009 and is still going rather strong. Although this isn't a catch-all for all posts (as we like to believe there are many more to come, as long as creative wells don't dry up and the universe is as weird as it is) it's certainly up to this special moment in time.

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What Our Critics Say...
"Very Professional and Packed with Interesting Writing."
-The Huntington News

The Repulsive: Short Plays and Other Things
Al MackCat

This is the first of many books by Al MackCat.

How many other books contain....

Family Values
Nazi Ridicule
Arab Yo Mama' Jokes
Lessons on Getting Laid from a Musician
The Assassination of Miley Cyrus
Other Things

and Lines Such as

"....Imagine if they had Birth Control before Christ. Things would have turned out way differently!"

Genre: Short Plays
Pages 66

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What our Critics Say.
"Through novels he hopes to cause Laugh Riots."
-The Shepherdstown Chronicle.

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Ebook Short Description
We are defined by our losses in life, I think. Each story within this collection (all six of them) are variations on this theme, in the post 9/11 American landscape, with hints of John Cheever and Flannery O'Connor thrown in.

(it's a short story collection)

all proceeds go to P.O.W.E.R.S Inc 

The Adventures of Duncan a heartwarming and inspiring children's series. Click Here Purchase and Read Now 99 cents

The Adventures of Duncan and His Duffel Bag is AN UPLIFTING, QUIRKY STORY OF FANTASY and a collection of endearing moments are experienced when Duncan goes on the ride of his life. These seven stories are only the start of things to come for our young protagonist, who chooses to use his special powers to do good for those that need it the most.

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