Seeing Phantogram Was Like Touching the Face of God. (And There Was a Puppy Too.)

I finally made my dreams come TF true Wednesday evening and caught Phantogram on their co-headling tour with Tycho at the Van Buren! Four years after I first really became an ardent fan, and WOW. 

It was well worth the ridiculous wait. They blew me away.

I can't recommend them enough. See them if you get the chance. Just do it. They are so much fun. 


And at the end, there was a dog who came out briefly. I loved it, I loved every moment of it. It was one of those concerts - much like Andrew Bird and St. Vincent, much like No Doubt, much like the Xx, much like Metric - that i wish I could go back and live in. Of course, hearing one of my favorite songs ever ("Fall in Love") live was a life highlight. Just awesome, etc. 

Also, they performed "Someday," their new song I posted a few days ago. It was inspired by the suicide of Sarah's sister, Becky. The performance of it was incredibly emotional and beautiful. 

P.S. Tycho was good too, but I am not a huge fan, so I wasn't paying close attention. This song is for my friend Becca, who is extremely pissed she didn't get to hear it:


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