"Sky Full of Song" - Florence + the Machine

New Florence + the Machine! New Florence + the Machine!

Did I make my point yet? 

New Florence + the Machine!

Actually it's just a release for Record Store Day (which is just around the bend on April 21st). 

This sounds like classic, powerful Florence - an uplifting, inspiring ballad. And it's not too bombastic or overproduced; it's just raw. I was a huge fan when "Lungs" came out almost 10 years ago - and this song reminded me exactly why. 

"In a city without seasons, it keeps raining everyday."

Says the glorious Flo about the song: “This was a song that just fell out of the sky fully formed,” says Florence Welch. “Sometimes when you are performing you get so high, it’s hard to know how to come down. There is this feeling of being cracked open, rushing endlessly outwards and upwards, and wanting somebody to hold you still, bring you back to yourself. It’s an incredible, celestial, but somehow lonely feeling.”

Watch the video below: 

Florence will ALSO be releasing a book of lyrics, artwork, and poetry called Useless Magic (oh hey) in July.