Those Great Whites, They Have Big Teeth

The new Lorde album, Melodrama, was released yesterday and there is no review on The Useless Critic.  What has the Internet come to?  

I have been waiting for this album for a long time.  Pure Heroine was my favorite Pop album since Body Talk.  I have heard a lot of these songs already on YouTube, so the album is kind of half familiar.  Almost all of them I disliked upon first listen and immediately dug after a second listen.  You could describe me as hesitantly optimistic going into my first listen.

First Impressions:
- Does anyone think it's weird this has a parental advisory on it?  I like the cover, but with that sticker it's a little too
- Green Light is the best song.
- Homemade Dynamite is a good two steppin' song and will probably be a single.
- Loveless deserves to be a full, proper track
- I wish the fast/slow song ratio was a little bit higher here.

These songs spread through your head like vines.  What are you waiting for?


  1. Boy I'm glad you reviewed this and not me. Excited to listen later!

  2. Just noticed I totally butchered it with typos. I am certain you would have written a better piece. I am not terribly impressed with what I've written, but I did want to start the conversation!


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