The xx - Say Something Loving (Official Music Video)

Okay, do you remember when I shit all over The Xx's life a few months ago? Okay, I take that back. I take it back fullheartedly. This and "Lips" are among some of their best songs. 

This one in particular has BIG potential. Like, mainstream top 40 status. We will see what happens, but they really mastered their own style in this track, and twisted it a bit into something new. Beckoning in a newfound maturity, which I personally respect. The Xx's shtick can get tiresome after a while. Their music always runs the risk of becoming background noise. In this case, tho, they turn out something uncharacteristically uplifting - and hopeful (don't listen to the lyrics, I think the actual sound betrays that!)

I've listened to "I See You" and I have to say, wholly I was unimpressed. But I will give them credit for this and "Lips." Oh man, "Lips" is something else. It has this Eastern-type sensuality to it. Jamie Xx is a genius. 

(Just because I like you)

The Xx are touring the United States at the moment. See them if you can. :)