"I'm Always Watching You' - Sondre Lerche

Today in adorable Scandinavians. Sondre has had a new video out for the past two months, which I've not known about :/. BTW, this guy has quite the discography! I don't feel like I can ever really keep up with it. There's always a new song to be found somewhere.

"I'm Always Watching You" is creepy, but it's pretty relatable for having a crush in the social media/cellphone errrrrywhere world we live in. It's very 1980s - almost reminds me of St. Lucia in certain places. But it's ultimately Sondre, and Sondre ... well, he's one of a kind!

The video seems to be a celebration of a shirtless Sondre Lerche. I think he is currently going through his "shirtless phase." Y'know, like Picasso.

He tours America in 2017, and will hit Phoenix's Crescent Ballroom on May 6th!