Garbage shares spooky video for "Magnetized"

Yesterday, Garbage released a music video for "Magnetized," which, in my humble opinion, is hands down the best song from the band's latest album, Strange Little Birds. The video was directed by Scott Stuckey, the creator of the cult children's TV show Pancake Mountain (on which frontwoman Shirley Manson has guest-starred), and is filled with amazingly eerie visuals just in time for the Halloween season. Manson herself has described it as an ode to "the magic of science and the mysteries of love."

Despite its thrilling clip, the colossal electro-rock number features some soul-crushing lyrics about an unrequited crush. "There's nothing I can do / It's all a fantasy," Manson laments. Even if I feel like literally dying sometimes, I'm happy to find solace in Garbage's music.

By the way, I'm really trying not to stall you guys, but I have a special post in the making. If everything works as expected, it may be posted anytime soon, so stay tuned! Now I sound like Sky Ferreira when she promises to release new music "soon." No shade intended—love you, girl!


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