"They Don't Want You" - Snake Heart Society (You Need to Hear This)

Just a quick plug for a band I was introduced to a few hours ago. Phoenix-based Snake Heart Society released their first single, "They Don't Want You," last month.

If you're a fan of dark moody electronic pop music, you've come to the right place. I didn't even know Phoenix was capable of producing such a sound, but have a listen.

I would recommend it for people who like Villa Nah. I know that is mostly a bunch of Finnish people, but still bears saying. Villa Nah are a tragically underrated band, BTW.

I only give TLC to music I would honestly listen to without prompting, and I would certainly listen to Snake Heart Society. Which says so much because I'm kind of a snob when it comes to music. Well, except when it comes to DNCE. Shoutout to my love "Cake by the Ocean."

Anyway, looking forward to hearing more from this project.


  1. Is this song about Hillary Clinton?

    1. lolz actually, I don't mind her. She's the lesser of two evils for sure, but I really rather not bash on her like everyone else in the universe.


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