Come On, Get Happy!: A Rare Sunday Post.

Hi gang!

As a habit, I don't try to update the website that often. Mostly because I'm busy and mostly because, well, that's pretty much it. I'm busy.

HOWEVER, I needed some forum or another to share with you my latest attempt at a nonstop-happy playlist.

In the past when I've experienced bouts of sadness, I've been all about that sulking and that brooding and that sitting under pictures of Morrissey during the Full Moon humming Joy Division songs and writing poetry that they could probably put on bumper stickers and sell to goth tweens. And don't get me wrong, I had my brooding/Beach House time. But I embraced a new perspective this time, which is ... choosing things that were happy to indulge myself in.

Now I still have a lot to add here (Beach Boys obvs) but it's about five hours of blissful noise. It's good for working out or just working in general, I might add.

Here is the playlist in its emerging glory. I can't embed content anymore, which is lame. :/

Have a great Sunday,