Bogan Via Are Good and You Should Listen To Them

Every so often - not that often - I listen to my Spotify Discover playlist. Usually, it's kind of boring and full of songs I may have liked several years ago (like The Avalanches, for example). Spotify, DISAPPOINT. :/

Anyway, on Tuesday, I checked out the list as I usually do, absentmindedly and with 2000 other things on my mind. I saw "Bogan Via" on the list, which is a Phoenix band I have probably seen live at some point that I do not recall. I mean, I hang out at a lot of local music venues, so I'm sure we've crossed paths.

Kinda like "Sliding Doors" sans Gwyneth Paltrow and filled with hipsters.

The song that caught my attention was "Kanye," which I listened to on repeat and sent to many people with the enthusiasm I once reserved for mixed CDs I made Wenli. I cannot find "Kanye" on blogger's YouTube feature, so I present you with "Wait Up," which is just as good!


I look forward to hearing more from these guys soon. Their new album, "BOGANVIALAND," will be out in the near future, and that is some real positive news. You win, Spotify.


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