"Sharpness" - Jamie (S)woon

So it's like that Tweet I sent out earlier this year had magical powers or something something, because look what dropped (yes, I know, the rest of the civilized world is freaking out about Adele - and I'm not :P).

This song is pretty near perfect for Jamie. It's smooth, it's slightly funky, it's sensual. It actually is perfect, and I probably would rank it among his best tracks to date - which, hopefully, we'll have many more to celebrate.
Seriously though! He's been gone for several years. This is a triumph!

Also, it was brought to my attention that it is strange I like Norah Jones and not Adele. I really like Norah Jones, I think "Come Away With Me" was one of the best pop albums of the 2000s and I WILL NOT APOLOGIZE.