You Need to Hear This: AZ Edition

I haven't done this in a while, so hello there. Let's do this!

1.) Little Red Lung
An art-rock band based out of Los Angeles with a new full-length album on the horizon. They put on a GREAT live show, and the lead singer kicks ass. This was my favorite song I've heard by them, "50 Fingers."

I saw them recently in Phoenix, hence dat AZ connection.

2.) decker.

decker. hails from the red mystical rocks of Sedona. He's really quite talented. Very folky vibe going on, but even that label isn't quite accurate. Still - have a listen. This dude is headed places.

3.) Okilly Dokilly
Oh my God, the Phoenix Ned Flanders metal band. I'm not evena  metal fan but ... wow. I kind of wish I didn't miss their show this past weekend. Live and learn, kids! They'll be at the Rebel Lounge on Sept. 25.

Coming Soon: Old Friends Edition! Stand by. :)