Jimmy Cho debuts fragrance ad starring Sky Ferreira


Jimmy Choo has debuted the ad for its new fragrance Illicit, which stars queen Sky Ferreira. The 40-second ad sees the singer return to her platinum roots as an ethereal, flawless, fierce goddess, set to a dubstep-ish remix of her amazing 2013 single "You're Not the One." Ugh, can you say hair-gasm? Speaking of singles, when the hell is "Guardian" coming out? You said August, bish!

In other news, today is the 34th birthday of another queen Beyoncé. Happy b'day, Queen B! Seriously, this year's VMAs were such a snoozefest without you and Lady Gaga.


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    1. Ikr, the VMAs are sooo boring without Lady Godga. Srsly who gives a flying fuck about Miley's try-hard, wannabe ass?

    2. RIGHT?!?! ugh take me back, TAKE ME BACK


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