"Times Like These" Covers

Foo Fighters have never been one of my favorite bands. Actually, I think there were when I was like 7 0r 8. That's because of the UFO connections with their name. You don't know what I'm talking about?!?!? WIKIPEDIA IT.

Although, let's concede, early-era Foo Fighters have some crazy good tracks:

I bought the Foo Fighters album with the neck tattoo on the cover when I was 14. I didn't listen to it much and gave it to my brother. Kind of how I felt when I sold my copy of Jimmy Eat World's "Bleed American" and the record store clerk was like OMG I LOVE JIMMY EAT WORLD.

Anyway, Dave Grohl broke his LEG earlier this summer and because he's a badass, troopered through the show he was playing. It cost him a leading spot at Glastonbury, which was inherited by Florence and the Machine. She did a really kickass cover of the ubiquitous-in-2000s "Times Like These," which Grohl recently admitted moved him to tears. D'awwww.

Not only that, but Ryan Adams covered "Times Like These" in Dave's honor at an Australian show. And you know what? He KILLED it, too.

I bet Dave is a very happy - and now healthy! - camper. Enjoy!