Lindsay Lohan to guest star on 2 Broke Girls!

Our favorite trainwreck recovering star is set to make a guest appearance on the April 14 episode of 2 Broke Girls as Claire Guinness, an indecisive soon-to-be-bride who asks Max and Caroline to make her wedding cake. I, for one, really liked her guest stint on Ugly Betty in 2008, so color me interested. Are you guys excited to see LiLo on 2 Broke Girls?

Just thought it would be funny

In other news, Chace Crawford will guest star on the March 18 episode of Glee! Although I'm really not a fan of the show, Chace hasn't appeared in literally anything since Gossip Girl (gasp!), so I'll definitely be watching it.

Now here's a hot pic of Chace, just because. Well, in his case, "hot pic" is redundant because I always find him hot.


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