I Invented Calvin Harris

Song of the Day

Calvin Harris, when he's not being overplayed on the radio, is pure joy. It's like "Everything is fucking fantastic for these four minutes." It's pretty obvious here, in March 2014, that this is the summer anthem for the year. I said it. In June, top 40 radio will be playing this on loop like that Nelly song.

I find that EDM-esque music is like the dubstep of my college days (WOMP WOMP WOMP.) The kids love this. I can see them now dancing to this song and dousing each other with Coronas.

As for me, Calvin Harris reckons back to a time when it was more "exclusive" to like him. As in, I'm a douchebag. As in he reminds me of a really nice few months in my life. Then, I was happy Rihanna took him to new heights. But now not so much because this is the sort of music that loses its appeal when you hear it for the 800th time at Wal-Mart.

Anyway! Enjoy this before you black out to it and Michelob Lites. Welcome back, Calvin. I miss the few seconds you were gone.