A Walk Down Memory Lane With R.E.M.

I sometimes can't listen to "Everybody Hurts" because it's either really comical at inappropriate times ("oh gosh! The vending machine is broken!") or it's really on the mark and makes my stomach hurt. I'm pretty sure Kurt Cobain was listening to "Automatic for the People" when he killed himself, so. I guess he didn't take that message to heart.

"Drive" is another solid song from this now discontinued band (yep, R.E.M. broke up in 2011.) The strings never fail to amaze me and the video is pretty sweet. I loved Michael Stipe as a kid. I thought I'd go to school in New England and date a carbon copy replica of him. I love how most of my childhood crushes were gay men.

"Losing My Religion" remains one of the best music videos of all time. If your emotions aren't somehow stirred by it, you are probably a refrigerator.

I want to learn that dance. 20+ years later.

And because:


This is an alternative rock station in 1993. Plaid is in! So is pleather! We resume our normal programming...