You Need to Hear This!: Echosmith

I'm hesitant about bands/singers who are really young (i.e. Lorde, Justin Bieber.) It's always struck me as strange that someone so young is an entertainer, for whatever reason.

And the band Echosmith meets that criteria; however, this band seems like they should have a reasonably bright future ahead of them.

Echosmith is a band from Los Angeles that consists of four siblings (like the Osmonds!) They've been around for a little while; one of their songs was used to promote the 2012 Summer Olympics (so long ago, I know.) 

They've released a ton of covers through the years, which is how I got to know them. Check this out:

Last year saw the debut of their first album, "Talking Dreams." It's received some positive reviews and buzz, and it looks like the band is gradually inching toward the mainstream radar.

I like the music for "Cool Kids"- Sydney's voice is a little wearing on the track and the subject matter is inane, but it demonstrates how talented these kids are. I think by the time they are the age of a band like HAIM (which I'm sure they are often compared to) they will have hit their stride.

So, exciting times ahead for Echosmith! Certainly give them a listen and keep your eye on them.