My In-Progress Valentine's Day Playlist

I realized I'm slacking on a playlist for this week, but right now I feel like I'm trapped in a nightmare. So I'm just going to come back and do one next week. As many as views as those things get and as much as I enjoy doing them, I also feel like it's hard for me to gauge success since we get such little feedback.

Anyway. Because everybody is talking about Valentine's Day already (gag) I compiled this playlist. Which was therapeutic in a sense.

You've got:

- Your heartbroken songs
- Your angry songs
- Your empowered songs
- Your self-hating songs
- Your Alanis Morrisette

I'm sure I'll add more. I was hoping I could find a country song like "She Left Me For My Tractor and I Cried in My Beer." Apparently that doesn't exist yet.