Be Useful Day 3 (Really 4?)

I am not sure if I'm fit to gauge what is a success and what isn't. However. I have had 62 people RVSP on I think that's positive?

Today (and really, as my friend Janna pointed out slightly, it should be everyday) do something a little bigger than yourself. Something altruistic in nature with no intention of yourself in the matter.

So far I sponsored a goat at the Gentle Barn, a place I think is awesome. I've reached out to some people I normally wouldn't have (big deal, I know). I'm going to drop off a toy at a toy drive shortly and see what the day brings me.

I thought about volunteering at the food bank but it seems all you do is pack boxes and the experience I had last summer....ehhhhhh.

I'll keep you posted.

Also, everybody should probably take some time to reflect on today's Sandy Hook anniversary. What a year it's been.