My Autumn Playlist 2013

Enjoy it kids. It's a bit of a depressing mix, but I can't mask how I feel right now. I haven't been this sad since my Sylvia Plath Winter wherein I didn't leave the bed for a while. I had a breakthrough, and then that evaporated. I will have another breakthrough soon, I think. I hope. I feel very alone and lost, and very doubtful of myself.

However, I've been blessed to have good friends. The holidays are right around the corner, but I can't say I am happy about that. Even Halloween's not doing much for me. Hence the lack of seasonal pathos displayed here. I discovered I may have ADHD, which explains a lot for me i.e. why I live such an undomesticated lifestyle. I wish I had realized this sooner, because it makes me at least feel better that I'm not some hapless, selfish, disorganized slob and there is actually hope I can live a normal existence soon. Like, as in "Not get distracted easily," "Not lose everything, "Be able to clean in one sitting." 

Oh, the Velvet Underground was added after Lou's passing. But really, who loves the sun? Even in Phoenix? Meh.

Namaste, friends.