Oh Land's "Wish Bone" Album: First Thoughts, Best Thoughts

oh hello Oh Land long time no see (haha, get it, because you are wearing an eye mask!)
My love for Oh Land is eternal. I keep thinking I'm over her and I don't need to be so geeky about how much I like her music, but, let's face it: I am never over her.

It's Sunday evening and I'm preparing for a week full of work with the added bonus of being sick. So I could sit here and write a very profound, thought-out review, or I could just spew words.

I choose to spew words. Much love to my Nanna. And your mama, respectively. The last time I did this was to the Wild Belle album. Onwards:

1.) "Bird in an Aeroplane"- It's odd to admit this, but this is my favorite song so far. And I never really care for album openers! It's haunting, minimalist... it's very Oh Land in the fact it's so creative and so unique, it's hard to find another act to compare her to. Except Bjork. A+

2.) "Renaissance Girls"- Ah, yes. The first big single from "Wish Bone." This song got me from the moment I heard it. So catchy, upbeat and anthemic! Plus, those are great some lyrics. And the video! A

3.) "Cherry on Top"- This kind of has a '90s r-and-b feel to it. It's kind of cute: "'cause all you ever want is the cherry on top." Materialism and a vapid culture have never seemed so sweet! "Slow down." I love you, Oh Land. A-

I honestly feel like I could not have asked for a better time for this album. And really, I had no idea there was a new Oh Land album en route! Thank goodness.

4.) "3 Chances"- This album is such a departure from her other work. It's so...simple, stripped down. This song is pretty heartbreaking. :/ I will give this a B+ because it hurts me. 

5.) "My Boxer"- Hypnotic, flawless. The percussion here, which I understand very little about, is pretty cool. Plus I love it when she starts yelling toward the end. A+

6.) "Love a Man Dead"- This is the first track I have mixed feelings about. It's kind of cool; it's kind of weird. Perhaps it's a grower. I'ma give it a B with the potential to change in several weeks. You know I'm going to play this album to death. WHY NO PHOENIX TOUR DATE OH LAND?!?! 

7.) "Next Summer"- This is pretty dark. Kind of like this album's "Human." God I love "Human." ANYWAY BACK TO THE POINT AT HAND. The chorus is a little James Bond-esque, which is somewhat odd. "I'll let it go..." A-

8.) "Sleepy Town"- It's a bit twee, this one. But again: Sounds like a grower. A

9.) "Pyromaniac"- SEXY. "Light me up and blow me away." Yeah, this is sexy and oddly retro-feeling. Look! A video, check it out:

Her voice is to die for here. This is how I feel about it:


10.) "Green Card"- This is her song with Sia. And damn! It's pretty good. Both of these women are so talented!!!!!! What's this song about again? >_> A

11.) "Kill My Darling"- Another dark track; this sounds a lot like something from her "Fauna" album. A sonic feast, though. And it had some amazing lyrics. A+

12.) "Love You Better"- A pretty sad love song. I can't appreciate love songs very much right now, but Oh Land this is gorgeous! A++++

(I'm a big softy)

13.) "First to Say Goodnight"- The guinea pigs do not like this. Let me say that. They are currently spooked by it. This song is a myriad of styles. Interesting but jarring. The electronic part reminds me vaguely of that Coldplay and Rihanna duet, "Princess of China." A

It's like she's saying good night to the listeners. :)

Overall, this sounds like an AWESOME album. And duh; why would Oh Land put anything less than fabulous out? No, I'm not blinded by my devotion. There are a few moments on "Wish Bone" that leave me scratching my head. All in all, I can't wait to listen to this 700 times in the coming week.

Rating: 92/100

Okay I have to go to bed; I feel like my head is a balloon in space and I've sneezed probably 30 times this past hour. But life IS AWESOME because THIS ALBUM EXISTS!

P.S. I couldn't tell you where Dan Carey is on this new album, but I think Dave Sitek and Oh Land herself did a good job producing it.


  1. Damn, even I knew she had a new album out. Great review, grrl. I might be too bo$$y, but apart from "Renaissance Girls," this album didn't really cut it for me :/ Still, you've inspired me to write a review on Ellie Goulding's Halcyon Days, which has been been out for like a month.

    1. I live in a cave!!!!!

      But I'm happy I inspired you :D WRITE A REVIEW PLEASE!

      p.s. not even "Pyromaniac?"

    2. Cumming right up!!!1

      Umm, "Pyromaniac" is good, but I'm not a fan of the "ooh hoo"'s tbh haha :c


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