Hitler's Last Remaining Bodyguard Dies

This story really piqued my interest today. Rochus Misch was loyal to Hitler until the very end. I mean not in a YAY NAZISM way, but in the way he always spoke highly of Hitler. As in saying at one point: "He was no brute. He was no monster. He was no superman."

Wow. Huh. 

I'm kind of puzzled by this man (and RIP, he seemed like kind of a nice dude from what I read about him). He claimed to not know ANYTHING about the Final Solution... and how would you be Hitler's assistant/bodyguard/around him 24-7 and not have an inkling of that information? Misch seemed very sincere about all that, but to me it just seems way unlikely.

It makes me wonder about the whole good vs. evil in people dilemma. I know we are all a composite of good and bad, but few of us are responsible for genocides against groups of people we deem unworthy or lesser-than, somehow. Still: Are you guilty by association when you are in cahoots with true evildoers? Do you remain responsible as a bystander?

Who knows.