The Song I Hate

So I don't read the AV Club all that often, but when I do...well it's something all right. I recently discovered the "Hatesong" feature by them, which is a fascinating little feature. So I wondered: "What song do I hate?" Hrmmmmmmmm. I mean I like a lot of music; evident from my posts obvs. 

I mean I doubt they will ask me anytime soon.

So here I go!
The Song I Hate By Britt

Ahem, "Picture" by Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow.

To me this is like hearing someone masturbate on broken glass. Or it's like listening to a dolphin get cleavered. Or a blind guinea pig scream at the top of her lungs (I hear that all the time, actually).

Don't get me wrong: I love Sheryl Crow. I think she's talented and makes some quality music, but that doesn't mean she's incapable of a giant turd every now and then. As for Kid Rock, to me he is the kind of person I sort of despise. He is a glorified redneck. Granted, that could be just an act. But he is more or less a "Good Old Boy." And I am basically the staunch opposite, so the math adds up. (Although I do admire his business savvy). 

But also the song sounds like a shitty guy's confession. A shitty guy who can't keep it in his pants. And really, I have no tolerance for infidelity or cheaters, so he should really jack off into a garbage disposal instead of turning his dilemma into another crappy country ballad.

Wank wank wank wank

Instrumental interlude

Anyway, another reason I dislike this song is because it gets stuck in my head. All the time. And I feel like I'm being waterboarded. So I guess Kid gets to have the last laugh. That cocky asshole.

Conclusion:  I rather listen to the "Teletubbies" soundtrack on repeat.

What's your least favorite song?