Ellie Goulding – "Burn"

Ellie Goulding has premiered the Vine fan video for her new single "Burn"! (This Vine thing seems to be catching on, eh?)

I absolutely love the anthemic electronics, it has "summer jam" written all over it.

In a recent Elle interview, Ellie revealed that she will be re-releasing her Halcyon album with "so many new songs." It's not yet clear whether "Burn" will be one of these songs. Probably will.

The single is set for release on August 18. Now, will you just check out the cover art?

Ugh, I can't at so much sexiness. I wonder if the official music video will be this sexy as well.

In related news, Ellie's song "You My Everything" premiered during the first episode of the final season of the British series Skins earlier this week. That's right—two new Ellie songs in a single week!

Update: The re-release is called Halcyon Days and will feature ten bonus tracks, including "Burn," "You My Everything," and a personal favorite of mine, "Stay Awake," which was previously (and criminally) available as a Tesco exclusive bonus track.