I Just Discovered Andy Samberg and Joanna Newsom Are Engaged.

I don't know what big-ass rock I've been living under, because this happened in FEBRUARY.

I hear the guy from "The Princess Bride" saying "twoo wuv"
Joanna Newsom and comedian Andy Samberg are officially about to get hitched. When? I have no idea. Why? Well, that picture me seems like a like a look of adoration, so. I guess!

For a long time, I really didn't like this couple. But Andy Samberg has grown on me exponentially. Thus, I've given them my *meaningless* stamp of approval. Stamp, stamp. All done!

I just hope he doesn't introduce her to Adam Sandler. Or who knows; maybe she's a big "The Waterboy" fan. 

Here's the new Lonely Island video with P. Diddy, Robyn and Paul Rudd. Why yes! I've had dreams like this for YEARS-


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