Fourth Annual "Bitch, What Were You Thinking?" Awards

Hello all! 

I know I haven't given this award in a while, but I think this particular story demands it. Again- Phoenix finds itself in the crosshairs here. 

Now, I'm not in the restaurant business, but dear god! Isn't the purpose of any business to draw in customers? And that's exactly what the Scottsdale-based company is NOT doing. Rather, they are running in the opposite direction.


Apparently Amy (with God on her side) believes her restaurant is the target of cyberbullies. Which, if you consider stories such as the Amanda Todd case, is an insult to cyberbully victims everywhere. When you treat the public the way they seem to be doing and when you serve food poorly- people write bad reviews online! It's the nature of the beast.

I guess they are closed right now until some kind of grand re-opening next week, but even Gordon Ramsay thought this restaurant was beyond help. Which says something?


Here's to hoping those people figure out what they are doing. To me, they are just being rather mean themselves.