You Need to Hear This: I'm Old! Edition

It's happened. I'm old; I don't know new music from my butt anymore. 

my BUTT? On instagram?!?!
However, I have made myself actively seek out new music lately to enrich my life. 

Here is the band St. Lucia, South Africa via Brooklyn. I like their music. It reminds me of The Naked and the Famous + Crystal Fighters + Vampire Weekend.

I might have an interview with them soon... KEEP READING FOR DETAILS.

Have you ever heard of the band Polica? Bon Iver is a fan. Really, to me they just sound like a more intense Cat Power. 

They will be playing at the Rhythm Room tomorrow in Phoenix. So go forth, Phoenicians! 

Lastly, have you HEARD the new Tori y Moi? I've never been a fan of his, but damn. Check this song out, "Harm in Change":

On a Bringing the Sexy Scale of:


don't look this band in the eyes!!!!

I'd give it an 8.3. 

brb, need to pick up LifeAlert


  1. If it makes you feel any better, you/this site have introduced me to many new artists, so you're not that old, yet.


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