I'd Hit It: Emma Watson!

Here's a blast from the past! Welcome back to the segment "I'd Hit It," discussing people I may or may not find attractive. Likely "may."

I haven't done this since 2011, so hurr we go:

Come on, Emma Watson is oozes class. And she's beautiful. And British. Why wouldn't you hit this?

I liked her in the Harry Potter movies. In fact, I had something of a small crush on her. But I felt so weird because she was younger than me. 

However, I am dating a younger woman now, so I guess that belief I had has since vanished. 

But you tell me what you think after watching this:

Also she poledances in that movie. AND she doesn't have Harry Styles on her phone. LIKE!!!! 

Until next time bozos, 

Britt "I'm a 15-Year-Old Boy" Kay


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