The Real Star of the Oscar-Nominated Films Is...

I know we all have our favorites and the ones we dread winning anything (for me it's "Lincoln." I grimace- I bet it's great, but to me it reads way too safe). I know we all think Sally Field is going to pull an Angelina Jolie and show us her leg. I know  Tommy Lee Jones might be scowling the whole time.

Or not.
I will pass on making predictions on winners or questionable clothing choices. Instead, I aim to celebrate the real star of all the movies 2012 brought the masses-


All the caps in the world are deserved here. She rocks these aviators like the CIA badass she is supposed to be. Or is it not the CIA? Whatever I don't care. I have yet to see this film. I just know she has become my fashion icon and if I could pull off being a firecrotch (si) I'd dye my hair.

Moar photos needed!


That photo is from Just Jared obviously, a real website. But I mean, look how adorable those are!

Also- from what I know of her, Jessica Chastain seems like a class act. She kind of reminds me of Amy Adams (my dear AA) without the pep. 

So although I don't think she'll be taking a little gold man home tonight (are the Oscars still relevant? Who knows?) I imagine she'll probably get one in a few years. At least Jessica can rest assured knowing she rocks sunglasses better than her competition. Especially the little kid. Jessica, can we please trade lives for a day? Please?

p.s. Kurt is live-tweeting the awards tonight. Pay attention!