Gossip Girl to be made into a Mexican telenovela

As announced last month, Mexico will be launching its own revamped Spanish-language version of The Greatest Show of Our Time. Co-produced with Warner Bros. International Television Production, Gossip Girl Acapulco is scheduled to debut in Mexico sometime this year, and as its title suggests, it will swap the fabulous streets of the Upper East Side for the sandy beaches of Acapulco.

In other words, this...

...will become this:

I now urge you to watch this following trailer:

And these are my GIF-laden reactions, per usual:

As you can see, Serena has become Sofía López-Haro, and Blair is now Bárbara Fuenmayor.

"La tuitera más temible del lugar"?? "Ahí se ven, perras"???! God, this looks embarrassingly tacky. Plus, it's too tropical to be GG, I mean, New York was pretty much the soul of the original show. This could probably pass for a cheap Mexican knockoff of The O.C., though. Either way, I honestly don't know how Warner could have greenlit this shitfest. Did I miss something or does Serena drive her own car now? And where on Earth is Blair/Bárbara in the promo (besides the cheesy opening credits)?? And most importantly, what the actual fuck is Mexican Dan's unibrow???

He just saw his own reflection in the mirror

Jesus, honey! Wax much? Ugh, he looks like the fugly love child of Zachary Quinto and Joe Jonas.

On the other hand, the actor who plays Nate—or rather, Nico de la Vega—is muy caliente. And just because he got nothing on Chace Crawford doesn't mean we can't swoon a little, right?

No matter how bad this hot mess turns out to be, I might actually check it out when it premieres. Y'know, just 4 teh lulz.

Also, if a Russian version of GG is ever made, I'd just like to throw it out there that I need to be cast as Georgina Sparks!!


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