Why I LOVE to HATE The Big Bang Theory: A Rant, Part 1

For the record I watch The Big Bang Theory (TBBT hereafter). I have seen every episode that has come out, and will even go as far to say that some parts of them are entertaining

I dig the witty banter, the dichotomy between the ditsy-popular girl and the intelligent-socially-awkward nerds, the abstract references to: Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars, Anime, DC, Marvel, etc… and of course Kaley Cuoco. She is adorable and I will watch anything she does. 

But for every good thought I have about TBBT there are a hundred others seething with hatred.  Here is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Why I LOVE to HATE The Big Bang Theory: A Rant. Part 1.

TBBT has turned so many wonderfully abstract things that once were an escape, a distraction from reality, a source of normality in an otherwise chaotic world, into a main stream trend. A pop-culture reference. 

Anyone looking to hop on the latest teenage band-wagon need just watch TBBT.

This show has given credence to the D-bags who walk around in skinny jeans AND thick-rimmed glasses AND Ironic T-shirts reciting the phrase, “I’m such a nerd” as they spew out-of-date references to Pok√©mon or quote Return of the Jedi and source it as Star Trek.

TBBT is to “Nerd Culture” what Guitar Hero is to Classic Rock.
Take a minute. I'll let that sink in.

I’m not saying fans of these topics don't watch TBBT. I'm sure some do. There are Millions, and thousands, and hundreds of people out there with quirky, abstract, “Nerdy” interests. But there are just as many who are stuffed full of crap. 

Like the people who wear the infamous red-shirt because they found it on sale at Hot Topic... after hearing Sheldon make a reference... and a quick Google search. Because that’s what’s considered “cool”these days.  

And you know what else I find interesting? I don’t see Theoretical Physics, Astrophysics, Aerospace Engineering or Experimental Physics references/quotes plastered on T-shirts and buttons. Why is that? Those are pretty substantial parts of the characters and the show too. OHH! Maybe it’s because those topics take more than a Google search to bull sh*t your way through a conversation about? 
Da faq did I just read?

I don’t like how TBBT will make a witty reference and then, instead of just letting it happen, precede to shove it down your throat. Maybe this is an indication of the writers realization, “Hey, the majority of the people who watch this show aren’t going to get the reference so let’s make sure to SOURCE EVERY JOKE.” And more often than not the references are forced. I mean like REALLY FORCED. 

Premo example: 

Sheldon: Wil Wheaton, my old friend. I've chased you 'round the moons of Nibia and 'round the Antares Maelstrom and 'round Perdition's Flames!

RAJ: Do you realize you keep quoting "Wrath of Khan" but he was in "Next Generation?" It's a completely different set of characters.

I REALIZED IT, TBBT. And so did countless others who know even just the basics about Star Trek. And so did the character Sheldon as exhibited by his vast knowledge of the series and his response of, “Silence!” WTF If this is such an egregious error why use it in the first place? 

OH I KNOW WHY because the writers couldn’t come up with an equally poignant comparison of Sheldon’s rage present in The Next Generation series...like the ongoing conflict with Q. But wait! The writers covered their butts. By having the character Raj point out the mistake they avoided backlash from fans who would realize that they just clumped all the Star Trek series together in order to make this joke. 


  1. They could have gone a step further and pointed out that he was quoting Khan who was quoting Melville.


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