Some Songs From 2012 I Will Remember

Instead of recapping everything in a "best of" list (BECAUSE I ALREADY DID THAT WITH MY SPOTIFY PLAYLIST) here are just some songs you should have heard this year and appreciated. Note the curious absence of "Call Me Maybe."

"I'm His Girl"- Friends
did this appear on an episode of "Girls?" It should have.

"Ritual"- Ellie Goulding

It was our own writer Irina who turned me onto this song. It's very sexual, which is not something you would expect from "I Sang At the Royal Wedding" Ellie Goulding.

"Florida"- Princeton

We interviewed them ages ago. What a refreshing little song this is.

"Comeback Kid"- Sleigh Bells

Is it weird I find this song inspiring? Also, it's a good song to kick ass to.

"Wicked Games"- The Weeknd

Uh, wow?

"Tides"- The Xx

This album is amazing. Not much of a difference from their debut, but. Who cares? Their debut was great too so why change a winning formula.

"Everything Has Changed"- Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran

I was excited for their duet, because I was like "how is this going to work?" I mean, Ed's very talented and Taylor's very talented, but that doesn't make a good combo necessarily  However, this duet gently grows on you. Love it. "Red" marks Taylor having grown into herself. It's a wonderful album.

 "If Only"- Double Yellow

How is this song NOT more popular? Geez.

"Adorn"- Miguel
I was skeptical, but this is a slow jam that's actually worth listening to. So take notes, Bieber.

"Civilian"- Wye Oak

I don't care that this came out last year. Keep your eyes on this duo.

"Over the Border"- Saint Etienne

Along with No Doubt and Fiona Apple, Saint Etienne had the best comeback of the year. "Words and Music" is flawless.

"212"- Azealia Banks 


Albums I Enjoyed in 2012: Saint Etienne, No Doubt, Jens Lekman, Hot Chip, Bat for Lashes, Lana Del Rey, La Sera, Metric, Frank Ocean, St. Vincent and David Byrne, Ellie Goulding, The Xx, FIONA APPLE, Taylor Swift, Dylan Mondegreen, Rufus Wainwright. Grizzly Bear, First Aid Kit, Ed Sheeran, Hospitality, Beach House. 


  1. Loved the shoutout!! I do hope we get to see more of Ellie's newly found sexiness in the future. I still have to finish my "best of 2012" list btw.


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