The Useless Critic Lesson In Gratitude

Hi all! 

It being the American holiday of Thanksgiving- or, as our Spanish American friends call it, "El Dia De La Raza" (Liz is saying this so whatever), we decide to reflect on what we are thankful for this last year of humanity. We are definitely thankful for a lot of things. Such as:

Cara- I am thankful for deviled eggs and Brittany Kemp. 

Kim- I am thankful for: my metabolism, my lack of offspring, my semi-functional family and friends, my brother's eventual return from the Middle East, the Patriots' game tonight at 8:20, Toe-Socks, the Capybara, the theory of relativity, the Boson Higgs particle, skinny-girl margaritas, the unseasonably nice weather in Erie, and most of all, wine.

Liz- I am thankful for the many brilliant and beautiful friends, family members, teachers and role models I've been fortunate enough to have in my life; the opportunities I've had for travel, self-discovery and expression; the re-election of President Barack Obama; and, ever increasingly,

Kurt- I am thankful for (in no particular order, pick one):

Drag queens

The fact that someone thought to cast Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor (on a side note, I'm thankful--or maybe bewildered--that LiLo is still alive)



Being gay (otherwise, my insatiable hunger for cock might be a little weird)

Bears, the gay kind. But the other ones are fine, too.

Lana Del Rey's pussy cola

Tilda Swinton

Milla Jovovich

the internet (aka kittens and porn)

sexy fonts

The Useless Critic (is my sincerity showing?)

Britt- I am thankful for the people in my life, the people coming into my life, my work, the readers of the Useless Critic, my apartment NOW having furniture, the fact I am with Liz and her lovely family at Thanksgiving in Los Angeles, the fact Gwen Stefani is in Los Angeles, tuna balls, Liz looking like Diane Keaton today lololol, Craigslist, Hoda Kotb, not going to Renaissance Fairs ever, but Medevial Times, second chances, the fact dinosaurs stopped existing and this dog that is now slobbering on me. Also, Taylor Swift when she wins awards. "Oh my god you guysssssssssss!" And that I'm not a teenager anymore. Small miracles! 

Irina- I'm thankful for my large buttocks.

(Am I too late? Probably, but It's worth a try anyway heh.)

Rebecca- I have been thinking of my answer and now I think I thought too long. I'm sorry. It looks like I missed my chance.