"Rust and Bone" is about to come!

I have wanted to see "Rust and Bone" since every film critic in the universe spoiled it for me back in July. 

Now, it's finally getting a wide U.S. release, as of Nov. 16. I plan on seeing it almost immediately, because I don't care too much about James Bond anymore (although everyone is saying "Skyfall" is great?)

The thing that sucks is what I touched on earlier- the film's definitive moment- involving an orca and Katy Perry's "Firework" has been basically out in the open since the beginning. So how can one see this movie and be surprised? I don't know, but both Marion (sigh) and Matthias Schoenaerts are getting rave reviews for their performances. Marion will likely get a second Oscar and I will fall more in love. I'll try to drag Liz to see this, so perhaps we can start our review series again, but I doubt that will work. 

Question:  Does it bother you when people spoil movies for you so long before you see them? Like think "Million Dollar Baby."*

*Hilary Swank dies in that, btw. 

Here's the "Rust and Bone" trailer, again: