New York friends!

I'm not silly enough to consider myself a New Yorker- crap, I lived there for six months. But I had some awesome, awesome friends there. And I still have awesome friends there. Even Yvette who I worked with and Marjorie as well, who I never got to know as well as I hoped. Jack, Steven, Sam, Kia- and other people like Ian who doesn't live there now and Alyssa who I never really knew until after I went home- well! I know you are not all horribly affected, but I want you to know you are in my thoughts very much right now. Even though New York ate me alive, and I have just really begun to recover from everything that happened while I lived there- it is a fantastic city and this news coverage has broken my heart.

Once I get paid again, I will be donating money to relief efforts (I didn't have much of a bed until recently, so I'm not the most well-off girl). If you are interested in doing similar, here are some resources:

New York friends- you have mine (our) thoughts! And New Jersey* too and all other affected areas....

* not Snookie