Guest Writer- Ke$ha's True Purpose?

This guest post was written by Mr. Ben Branstetter, a fellow Pennsylvanian.

Dec 21 2012
Not too long ago, Ke$ha released the video to “Die Young," her first single off her upcoming Warrior album. The song is about what you’d expect: lots of synth, a cloying hook, lyrics about partying and celebrating trash. However, the video features a hodgepodgery of odd shapes and symbols, ranging from roughly a million triangles to pentagrams to animal parts.

As this sort of thing is prone to do, the video forced the YouTube commenters of the world to break out their Illuminati conspiracy theories, because the financial elite and powerful overlords that control our world and it’s fate couldn’t find a better charlatan for their message than a drunken Trans Am owner with a dollar sign in her name--which of course hints to all the Freemason imagery on the dollar all makes sense now! Check out Mark Dice (“media analyst, political activist, and author”) tear down the specific symbols, from upside-down crosses to the All-Seeing Eye to a hearse labeled “Evil” on the nameplate. To be fair to folks like Dice, the video is quite creepy if you watch it with the sound off.

If you missed the Illuminati breakdown of her video for “Blow”, you’ll see how deep some people go down the John-Nash-rabbit-hole. A rich man gives her a triangle cookie! It’s a symbol of her consuming the Illuminati message! And of course Kesha is not the only target: Lady Gaga is a brainwashed slave. Michael Jackson and Tupac were assassinated by members of the Bildeberg group. Eminem, LIl Wayne, Jay-Z, and Kanye West are forming a cult (a cult with the dopest beats evaaaah).

Conspiracy theories come from a very odd space in the human psyche. It first generates from the instinct to be better than those around you. The conspiracy theorist believes he has the in on a massive, worldwide scam that everyone else is too silly or naive to understand. It also comes from a natural bias of the mind to find patterns even if there are none. 

What intrigues me about Kesha, however, is “Die Young” feeds into the imagery these kooks look for so much it almost seems like satire. Indeed, even Billboard cited the crazy amount of fodder for conspiracy theorists. The Illuminati believers have now popularized the imagery they crave to the point that it’s beginning to appear for the express purpose of gaining their attention which must really drive them crazy.