Fings I Like

So Rebecca recently did a "things I like" list and since I don't really have any original ideas about much, I'm copying her because I feel like right now I like a lot of things that other people might also like or at least relate to. Such as run-on sentences. I'm looking at you, Fiction Workshop 2009!

In no particular order:

* Looking at beautiful crocheted projects on Ravelry and then not being able to afford the super nice yarn they used to make the hat/scarf/whatever (I'm such a peasant) and/or just being too lazy to put in the effort to make it because crochet patterns make my eyeballs bleed. 


Scarf: Make me! Me: I'm too poor and crappy at crochet!

* Fruity Pebbles Treats

Because I was never really allowed to eat sugary cereal as a kid. I keep the box in the front floor space of my car because SNACK ATTACK MOTHERFUCKER.

* Vegan Recipe Blogs

I recently got back together with my ex (we're one of those couples) and he just discerned that he has a milk allergy. It's really gross when he eats dairy. And when I say gross, I mean smelly. Like, butt smelly. Anyway, now I've started to consider life without cheese, and it's kind of a horrible life, a life I don't really want to have any part of. But, I still like reading people's vegan recipe blogs and wondering how much more expensive it is to make vegan chocolate chip cookies than it is to buy a Pillsbury tube of dough. See what a committed girlfriend I am? I've got his back.

* Notre Dame Football

I don't know why I persist in liking a Catholic university that wouldn't have accepted me as an undergraduate and rejected me as a prospective MFA student. Also, thank God I wasn't in Indiana during the election. That said, my dad's side of the family are all bigtime Notre Dame football fans (I actually got to go to a game in 2001; now that's a fucking college campus, holy shit) and this season they are, so far, 10-0. The game last weekend against Pitt (my kind of alma mater) was one of the most heart-stopping things I have ever witnessed. I was screaming - SCREAMING - at the TV throughout most of the last quarter and all of the three overtimes. Whew.

* The Walking Dead, Season 3

I know. Everyone and their mother (though, certainly not MY mother) loves The Walking Dead and loves talking about how much they love The Walking Dead. And zombies are really on a one-way train to Overkillville. But the third season of TWD has been, so far, one of the most exciting, scary and disgusting things I have ever witnessed. Look at that! Man touching pregnant woman! It's borderline obscene.

Fans were super disappointed with the first half of season 2 (although I daresay it's a lot better upon a second or third viewing, each episode one after the other) and I think a lot of us feared we'd have a repeat of that for the third season. NOT SO. Main characters are dropping like flies WHAT IS THIS, GAME OF THRONES? and last week's episode was so gruesome and difficult to watch - though I am squeamish by nature - I wondered if the censors had been bribed. Eeesh.

* Cloud Atlas

was amazeballs.

* Skyfall Reviews

I want to see the Dark Knight Rises James Bond.

Actually, the two franchises bear comparing, especially in the 90s, 00s and 10s. For most of the 90s both franchises created movies that were basically jokes. I mean, really, terrible movies. I fucking hate Pierce Brosnan. Awful scripts, total lack of realism, rife with cliches. Then worthy filmmakers and actors got a hold of the movies and suddenly we have The Dark Knight and Casino Royale, movies that are not only popular but deserve their popularity.

Sam Mendes directed this latest 007 offering and the word on the street is that it's pretty awesome. I love when the guy who made the incredibly intelligent and nuanced American Beauty (and knocked boots with Kate Winslet, my number one girl crush) makes the latest James Bond movie. YES.

* Elizabeth Warren


* Ellie Goulding

We have the same birthday. Halcyon is my jam. I TRACED YOUR LOVE AROUND A FIGURE 8

Which I made a medium-sized casserole pan of and then proceeded to eat, in its entirety, all by myself. But, you know, over the course of a few days. I would never just sit there and eat the entire thing out of the pan, no matter how tempting and delicious and creamy and wonderful it might have been.


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