Did We Need the Lana Del Rey's "Born To Die: Paradise Edition?" YES WE DID.

Sometimes I sincerely wonder why I stopped raving about Lana Del Rey to people, but I realize it's because I gave her my CD (yes) to my mom. So, because I lost access to it, I've just been...meh. 

But, this week I realized Lana was cashing in on her fame- which has been rather longstanding, wouldn't you agree?- to release a new edition of "Born to Die" called (get this)


oh my god, be still my heart. 

Was it necessary? Um, it was at right as rain, whatever that means. I hate rain. 

"Cola" is ridiculous however. She's singing about how her pussy tastes like Pepsi, which is something I didn't need to know, thanks. But "Ride" is epic Americana Lana, which is how I like her. Although, let's be honest:  hipster girls. Please, no more Native American headdresses. It's just offensive. And if Gwen can get called out, so can you. You too, Oh Land!

How about the other songs? My European friends tell me that LDR is inescapable because of H&M ads. Ha! I wish I lived in Europe. Seriously, get me the hell out of this country. Well, for her H&M campaign, LDR covered the incomparable "Blue Velvet."  It falls flat. But "American" and "Body Electric"- damn. 

The rest are all right, but I'm quite glad Lana, at the close of 2012, has shown she has SOME staying power. She's really something. Sometimes I compare her to Lady Gaga, and where Gaga is always calculating, LDR just comes off as a clever stoner. 

Here is an awesome remix of my favorite song by her, "Blue Jeans":