2012: Another Good Year for Cider Sky.

Cider Sky are an up-and-coming pop duo that makes beautiful music- so beautiful it's almost fragile. It's transcendent music, really. I was hooked from my first listen and because I like to force my opinion on others, you should be too! They didn't earn a spot on the "Twilight" soundtrack for nothing. 

The band formed as a result of kismet; they are a British-Canadian hybrid. They are Simon Wilcox and Shridhar Solanki. 

So I asked this band a few questions on behalf of the Useless Critic, and also YOU- I'm sincerely grateful I discovered these guys. 

UC:   I read that 2011 was your "best year yet." How has 2012 shaped up for you?
Cider Sky:  2012 has been stellar. We played a live show at the London Olympics, and our songs were used in the season premiere promo for "Grey's Anatomy" as well as episodes of "Switched at Birth" and "Breaking Pointe." Our songs also made the playlists at stores around the world, including The Gap, Victoria's Secret and Whole Foods. Needless to say, it's been a great year!

UC:  What are you guys up to at the moment?
Cider Sky:  We're currently at work on a full-length album. 

UC:  How is the studio going? When do you expect to have new material out? 
Cider Sky:  We're releasing a new song shortly - to coincide with a placement in a TV show (to be announced!). Our Christmas song "Christmas Time" will finally be available on iTunes this December. Then expect a full release in 2013.

UC:   You and Shridhar met by accident and then formed Cider Sky....it seems you've experienced a lot of success so far! What has that been like?
Cider Sky:  It has felt like the very definition of serendipity. Our individual skills as musicians and writers really compliment each other, and we feel that those strengths come through in the songs. Having those songs reach people all over the globe is an incredible feeling. 

UC:  What do you hope to accomplish in 2013?
Cider Sky:  Release a full-length album, reach more fans and spread good feelings around the globe. Our music is meant to make the listener feel happy - so - make people happy!

UC:  Finally- what has your best moment been, in terms of Cider Sky- so far?
Cider Sky:  There was a moment at the London Olympics. We were playing our song "We Are In Love" and the audience started singing along. People were dancing, relaxing in the afternoon sunshine. That was certainly one of our best moments. We love it every time someone tweets us to let us know they like the music - or watches our YouTube videos. To summarize, I'd say fan interaction is the best!!!

What a sweet band! I'm sure 2013 will follow the trend for them and be amazing as well. Thanks, guys!