You Need to Hear This: Sansa

So listen up:  I hate posting during the week, because I like to redirect my energy towards work and whatnot. 

Thus- enjoy this Finnish singer my friend (and reader) Adrian sent me a while ago. She's very unique I feel and criminally underrated. Her name is Sansa and if you like the cool sounds of electronic pop from northern Europe, you might like this girl:

see? SEE? Sansa's debut "Savior" came out last year and I can't wait to hear what this girl does next. Check her out here

have a good week! I do plan on posting Halloween stuff soon- you know I love this time of year. Plus I'm updating Be Useful for P.O.W.E.R.S Inc soon, so there is that. Also:  Emma Watson never returned my interview request and oh gee I wonder why...