Video: Marina and the Diamonds – "How to Be a Heartbreaker"

Just so you know, Marina and the Diamonds' semi-NSFW new video, "How to Be a Heartbreaker," premiered last Friday (September 28). The video was supposed to have come out four days earlier, but according to Marina herself, some asshole someone at her record label wouldn't let her release it because she looks "ugly" in it. Wow. I mean, really? Shouldn't all Bruno Mars videos be banned then? (I say that because he is Marina's labelmate. And because he's fugly.)

Rants aside, the song appears on the US edition of her number-one album Electra Heart. It's not my favorite song from the album, but I do like (and relate to) the lyrics very much. As for the video itself, well...

(I swear it's not a link to Redtube or anything like that.)

The following GIF sums up my reaction pretty well: