I've posted about Alfred Hitchcock several times in the past. I'm sure he's probably my favorite dictator and this is the best time of year for his movies. "The Birds," "Vertigo," "Psycho." Classics! 

Well, it has come to my attention two films about his life, one in HBO and one in theaters, are about to be released. I'm quite excited:  the theater one, "Hitchcock," stars A-listers Helen Mirren, Anthony Hopkins and Scarlett Johansson. 

When "Psycho" was released, popular opinion said it'd be a flop. Well, it obviously wasn't.

HOWEVER, perhaps I am more interested in the HBO one, weirdly (I say weirdly because I'm not the world's biggest Sienna Miller fan...really, I'm more interested in a pile of wood chips) called "The Girl" regarding the ever-so-awesome Tippi Hedren (who didn't have much of a career, but helped develop Vietnamese nail salons in America. Read about it.) See, Hitchcock sort of beat the living shit out of Tippi in order to make the film "The Birds." You can read the gory details here. He allegedly had the hots for her, but she wouldn't do it. You know what I mean. 

 This all being said, my favorite Hitchcock film? Well, not "The Birds."