UC Book Club!

Hello all! I was speaking with my English friend Daryl earlier and we were discussing plans for the Useless Critic. As you may have realized, we lost Al/Nader, who was with me in this endeavor since the beginning. I handled as you imagine I probably would (as in I became catatonic and jittery for one long painful afternoon) but it's really been an amicable split. 

For the record, we've also lost two other "staff writers" since 2009. But Al was a huge part of this and yeah it did suck to lose him, however he has his own site, which you are more than welcome to check out (the Bronze Globe). We're still friends and all, so this isn't like a John/Paul thing. And no I don't mean fanfiction slash, you weirdo.

  No one else has really quit; they just barely post. Me, I'm in this for keeps, even though I considered throwing in my cards. And then I realized- no. 

So, really, except for the forever awesome Kurt, this is me. Sometimes guest writers, as you've witnessed. But anyway I work full-time, so I can't do as much cool things as I'd like to. Nonetheless, a book club seems like as good a idea as any...if we can get participation. 

The first book is The Receptionist  by Janet Groth. I started to read it and I thought it was urbane and witty and chalkful of interesting tidbits of some of the greatest writers of the past century. JOIN ME ON THIS JOURNEY. 

October 9th will be the day I post my review and you can interact via facebook or comments. The first book someone suggests will be October's book.

Sound good? ...


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