Seven of the Best Fiona Apple Songs

In honor of the fact I am seeing my favorite singer ever tonight in Mesa, I decided to um OBJECTIVELY pick seven of her best songs to date. You can agree, disagree, post comments, burn my pic in effigy, issue an fatwa...I mean it's whatever.
7.) "Everyday"
Her cover of the Buddy Holly classic is natural and not at all pretentious.
6.) "Sleep to Dream"
Anger unbridled. I AM A TEENAGER AND I AM MAD. But seriously- she rips her ex-lover a new asshole here.
5.) "Parting Gift"
I think my lone entry from Extraordinary Machine. Always a bit heartbreaking.

4.) "Paper Bag"

A whimsical song that appeared in Bridesmaids. Lyrical prowess at her....well, you know. Zenith and all that bullshit.

3.) "I Know"

Gorgeous love song. Also:  covered by Elvis Costello!!!! So it must be good.

2.) "Werewolf"

Everytime I hear this, I'm in awe. Chilling.

1.) "Shadowboxer"

Sexy and powerful- my all-time favorite.