Bergen, Norway is pretty far from Phoenix, AZ!

I know I know. It's a trek, from here to there! But one of my favorite people ever hails from Bergen- and that is the pop star Annie!

In Bergen, there were these lovely Chestnut trees that were some 200 years old and were very much loved. Unfortunately though, the municipal government did not seem to realize how truly important these trees were. So, despite the efforts of some people- this morning, the trees were murdered. Aw man, I am getting teared up writing about this. The Giving Tree affected me deeply as a kid; I don't like the idea of cutting down trees that are sort of valued institutions in one's society.

why can't he be REAL?

There is a memorial tumblr set up for these wasn't supposed to be a memorial, but that's what it is now. Check it out here.

You can also submit your portrayals of these trees there, too. Which is cool. RIP trees...they looked gorgeous. 


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