Anne Hathaway got married, HAPPY MARRIAGE ANNE HATHAWAY

why are they making out in a cornfield 
So Anne Hathaway got married this weekend and no I was NOT invited. We went out one time in 2008 and I knew after that we'd never be friends again. We were at Denny's, and I won't say much more then  it ended in vomit and "WHY DON'T YOU GO BACK TO THE DISEASED VAGINA YOU CRAWLED OUT OF!" 

I thought about driving a motorcycle to the wedding and watching from across the street, but. No. 


- it was a traditional Jewish ceremony
- it was in Henry Miller's Big Sur
- she lived with her Adam in Brooklyn for a year. that is love y'all.
- no word if Natalie Portman was there but boy I sure hope so.